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The kites listed below are some of the kites that I've been collecting since early 1994. Kites listed preceded by an (*) are currently pictured on the gallery page. The number following the kite name and manufacturer are the number of each kite I have. Currently I own 64 kites and none on order at this time. Yet! I've also acquired 15 items in my growing list of line laundry, ground display and kite accessories. I currently have 15 kites on my want/wish list which is growing and will be updated! I've just added some kites to my list that are either in progress of being built of will start soon. Will add kites as I build them with the help of club members! They're like Lays Potato Chips I tell ya! I will also be adding some kites to the list which I'll be looking for to Kitesurf and snowboard and snow ski with. 

Recently I've sold 6 kites and have listed them in red to show kites I've owned but have reluctantly sold! 

*  Aerostunter Diamond Kite 6-pak by Go Fly a Kite----1

*  Aerostunter Diamond Kite 3-pak by Go Fly a Kite----2

*  Beautiful Evil by Joel Scholz----1

*Buffalo Box Kite-PeeWee Signature----1

Buffalo Box Kite-6ft----1

Cody Box Kite----1

*Concept VLD Black Light Prism by Edgar Shenk----1

Counter-Rotating Box Kite by Premier Kites----1

Focus Rok by Premier Kites----1

Freestyle by Dodd Gross----1

*Gemini by Tim Benson----1

Ghost Clipper Ship (Which needs to be built)----1

*  Hawaiian Maui by Top of the Line Kites (TOTL)----1

*  Hawaiian Team Chevron by TOTL----2

*  Hawaiian Team Chevron Dallas by TOTL----1

HotShot Splitz by Flexifoil----2

Hot Shot by Flexifoil----1

Impulse by Flexifoil----1

Jaws by Joel Scholz----1

Kaos by Spirit of Air----1

Luna Moth by Joel Scholz----1

*  Matrix (Standard) by Andy Preston and Flexifoil----1

*Matrix (Standard) by Andy Preston and Flexifoil----3

*  Matrix (UltraLight) by Andy Preston and Flexifoil----1

Micron 5pak stack by Prism----1

*Mini-Gem by Tim Benson----1

Omega XS (Pro-Comp) by Spirit of Air----1

Omega XS (Standard) by Spirit of Air----1

Omega XS (UltraLight) by Spirit of Air----1

Outer Space by Tim Benson----1

*PBSK Tatsu Warrior by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----1

Pro Speed 6+ by Flexifoil----2

Pro Team 8 by Flexifoil----1

Psycho by Andy Preston and Flexifoil----1

Raptor 8ft Joel Scholtz Signature Series by Go Fly A Kite----1

Raptor 20ft Joel Scholtz Signature Series by Go Fly A Kite----1

Raptor 20ft Limited Edition Patriotic Joel Scholtz Signature Series by Go Fly A Kite----1

Rev 1.5 by Revolution Kites----2

Rev 1.5 SLE by Revolution Kites----1

Rev II by Revolution Kites----2

Rev Blast by Revolution Kites----1

Rev Super Blast by Revolution Kites----1

Revolution Indoor Rev----1

Rocket by Spectra Sport Kites----1

Rokkaku-Skull and Roses (Grateful Dead) by Premier Kites----1

Scorpion by Flexifoil----2

Scorpion (Icarex) by Flexifoil----1

Shuriken Omega (Pro-Comp) by Spirit of Air----1

Shuriken Omega (UltraLight) by Spirit of Air----1

Stacker Splitz pattern by Flexifoil----1

Stranger by Andy Preston and Flexifoil----1

Super 10 by Flexifoil----1

*TC Ultra Production Vented by TC Ultra----1

KiteSurfing/Kite Snowboarding and Buggy Kites I own at this time! 

Cabrinha 12M Snow Kite----1

JoJo RM 8.0 M by Skyline Wings Inc----1

*JoJo Rage 6.0 by Skyline Wings Inc----1

7m Force 10 Ellipse foil----1

9m Force 10 Ellipse foil----1

Sky Tiger Hi-15 by Flexifoil----2

Sky Tiger Hi-22 by Flexifoil----1

Sky Tiger Hi-30 by Flexifoil----1

Sky Tiger Hi-40 by Flexifoil----1

Sky Tiger Hi-40 IC by Flexifoil----1

Sky Tiger Hi-60 by Flexifoil----1

Blade III 10.5M by Flexifoil----1

Line Laundry for single line kites

9ft wind wheel----1

Kite Popper----1

10ft Spinsock by Catch the Wind----1

Sky Guyz wind sock----1

34" HypnoTwister----4

Wacky Worm----1

50ft Patriotic transition tails----2

Ground Display Items

6ft Banner flags (KICNYS) custom made myself!----6

6ft Camelot Banner----2

Americann Bald Eagle by Jackite Inc.

Canadian Goose by Jackite Inc.

8ft Bols (Custom Made myself)----3

Custom Kites in Progress or Starting soon!

Kite Arch with 90+sails!

Custom Rev 1.5 SLE (Completed)----2

Custom Indoor Rev----2

Custom 6ft Rok's----2

Indoor Eddy Kite (Completed)----3

Buka Fighter Kite----2+

Kites on order


Traction Kites on order at this time!


Kite Wish List

Bad Boy by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----1 (min)

Innerspace by Tim Benson----1

Outerspace by Tim Benson----1

Rev (Custom) 1.5 SLE by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----4

Savage by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----1 (min)

Scarab by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----1

Vanishing Point  (VP) by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----1 (min)

Warrior by Peter Betancourt/PBSK----1(min)

This is not to mention all the kiteski equipment that I have on the list either. To be continued! Kites are like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one!