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Finally tried the buggy thang! Was fortunate to make it out on a business trip to Las Vegas and experienced the well known dry lakes, especially Ivanpah Dry Lake on the California border. With the help of Corey Jenson of Wind Power Sports and his cohort in crime John Ribitch who taught me the finer points of buggying. Corey sold me my first buggy pictured below, a Flexifoil 2001/2002 buggy which is an awesome time riding.

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The first experience buggying was with the group who likes to be referred to as the Vegas Buggy Bastards, they can be found every Friday night flying at the soccer fields off Boulder Highway near the Silver Dome. The first to get me on a buggy was Dave Laveck of, A wind of Change, a new and upcoming kite shop in the Vegas area. Found on the field every Friday are the VBB founders Marty Bird, Brian ?, and members Dave, Mike, Kent, Ian, Walt, Billiards Bob, Mark, Matt and others I didn't have the privilege to meet. Since I was out every Friday with Marty and crew I was told I was an honorary member of the VBB. I hope to return some time in the next year and hope to attend next years Spring Break Buggy Blast.

As for information on traction kiting or purchasing equipment and kites there's a lot of store's out there. Dave's site is currently not up and operational at the moment, I'll try to provide info at a later date for pricing.

Until then a great source of kiting supplies can be purchased and ordered through Corey Jenson at Wind Power Sports. Corey's a great guy and is a GREAT source of information on Kiting in general, traction kiting and assisting you in purchasing the right equipment. You can contact him through his web site at this link by clicking on Wind Power Sports! If you're in the Vegas area Corey can be found at Ivanpah just about every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, give him a call to verify dates and times he'll be out and about playing at Ivanpah and you may be able to talk him into giving you a tandem buggy ride to check it out. If you contact him be sure and tell him that I sent you his way!

For those lucky individuals that will be making a trip to Nevada and wish to use Ivanpah Dry Lake for buggying or land sailing you can contact Lesly Smith at the California Bureau of Land Management to get your permit to use the lake for recreational purposes. She'll be more than happy to send you a permit and rules for using the lake. Just click on the her name to e-mail her.

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