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This is a pic of the new JoJo RM 8M kite I purchased, the pic is of a 6M but the same color scheme, so the 8M is 2M larger in size. Great low wind kite!


This kite is currently for sale. I originally purchased it with the intention of eventually doing some kitesurfing which never transpired. Check the for sale page for more info on this kite. The first pic is near my Bonneville so you kind of get an idea just how HUGE this kite is, especially for the smaller model. It may be small but the power this kite generates is HUGE! 

Rage6_1a.jpg (58341 bytes) Rage6_2a.jpg (41103 bytes) Rage6_3a.jpg (37674 bytes) Rage6_4a.jpg (38461 bytes)  

Wanted! Anyone that knows where I can get a Benson Gemini in this color pattern please e-mail me!

bluegemini.jpg (12538 bytes)

Tatsu Warrior by Peter Betancourt

 Tatsu1.jpg (297019 bytes) Tatsu3.jpg (462096 bytes) Tatsu6.jpg (929988 bytes)

Beautiful Evil by Joel Scholtz

Evil.gif (191405 bytes)

My Beautiful Evil #55 quadline that Joel made for me!

richevil.JPG (260086 bytes)

The Dragon Slayer Paul LeMaster's and his Beautiful Evil by Joel Scholtz #57. 

adragonslayer.jpg (126263 bytes)

A new quadline kite the TC Ultra vented I added to my collection, a used one but in good condition. 

TCUltra.jpg (113875 bytes)

Black Light Prisms Concept VLD by Edgar Shenk

Concept1.jpg (841160 bytes) Concept2.jpg (810784 bytes) Concept3.jpg (741972 bytes) Concept4.jpg (1416008 bytes) Concept5.jpg (780080 bytes) Concept6.jpg (479852 bytes) Concept7.jpg (694544 bytes)

My Gemini by Tim Benson.

gem4848.jpg (11463 bytes)  Gemini1.jpg (850900 bytes)

Mini Gemini by Tim Benson.

MiniGem1.jpg (528148 bytes)

My new Matrix which I just added to my collection. 

Mvc-615f.jpg (38520 bytes)  Matrix_greyfade.jpg (155633 bytes)

My Hawaiian Maui & Chevron Stack at Sylvan Beach

chevstak.jpg (165379 bytes)

My 6-pak of AeroStunters by Go-Fly-A-Kite

stunter4.JPG (302013 bytes)

My first Buffalo Box Kite-Signature series #58

buffBox58.jpg (23219 bytes)  buffBox258.jpg (24072 bytes)

The kite shown in the pictures are PeeWee kites. They were used to establish a world record train of 111 box kites. Becky's Kites purchased 30 and was fortunate to purchase the last one. They were numbered, signed and dated by all the people who worked on the train. This kite is #58 of 111.

My Mom and her 1st kite-ZR1

zr1mom.JPG (368493 bytes)

Ron and his Scorpion

ron9.jpg (108177 bytes)

Joni and her Rev

jrev2.jpg (17939 bytes) 

Old Glory made by Premier Kites!!

Mvc-660f.jpg (37539 bytes)

Rokkaku by Kurt Eby

PaintedRok.jpg (15057 bytes)

Keystone Kiters Cop Half and Prisoner

KeystoneKiters.jpg (14528 bytes)

Here's a 12 pack stack of Mini Ryv's 40" wingspan I believe made by Harold Ames and Paul LeMasters

12 pack stack.jpg (31287 bytes)

Here's an awesome RYV 1.6 designed and built by Harold Ames and Paul LeMaster's. They do awesome work together and these cost a small fortune and yes it is 3/4 ripstop with inkjet printing on the sails. Simply Awesome!

Smithsonian.jpg (74921 bytes)

Pat and Penny at Sylvan Beach flying their new Prism Adrenaline 5 stack with 50ft tails!

  Pat1.jpg (2507156 bytes)  Pict0033.jpg (2317600 bytes)  Pict0036.jpg (4033650 bytes)

My Sky Tiger Hi-60 in flight with Adrenaline stack and Hi-40 on the ground!

Pict0029.jpg (1961256 bytes)  Pict0032.jpg (2969328 bytes)

Stay Tuned-Much more to come!!!