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This page is in it's early developments! I'm adding my Concept VLD-Black Light Prism that was built by Ed and sold to my Mom at a Kite Festival that was held in Hershey PA! Edgar Shenk is a kite builder from Pennsylvania and makes some of the finest creations out there! Below are some pics of my Concept and upon approval I'll be adding more pics of Ed's creations/works of art. You can contact Ed via e-mail here!

Below are a few pics of Ed's kites. As you can tell he does beautiful work and the pictures do the kites no justice! They look even more spectacular than they look here. For a full description of the kite and the pics follow this link to John Chilese's website. The pics were taken by him and he has some great comments on the pics and info about the kites. I've included al ittle bit of info here from John's site so be sure to drop by and check his page out as well. Lots of cool pics there and info! Thanks John for the ok to include the pics here!

Patriotic Large SLK with 13 stars and 13 stripes!

 This was the 2001 Smithsonian Theme Kite winner for "Past, Present, Future". Bambi got it at the auction dinner. I had put the bidding card down at $300. She picked up the card and bid until she got it.

The Mask UL!

Small SLK

Patriotic Cody SUL!

Concept VLD!

Raven SUL!

This purple Raven model is a UL weighing in at 6.5 oz. Note the overlapping colors in the prism spread. Double layer applique is the key.