Custom Kite Building


Home Up

Thanks to a friend and fellow kite flier Pat I now have a nice piece of glass for making my lighted table for cutting my kites out and doing applique work on. The kite table will be in the making in the weeks to come and should be ready for building in early February 2003! My Kite Arch will be finished also in the weeks to come and my next project is going to be a custom Ryv and also a custom Rok! Stay tuned and let the kite building begin! Check out the works of art below!

Thanks to fellow KICNYS member I finally was able to learn how to make my own custom Ryv. Thanks to Joni I have two made so far and have about 6+ that will be getting made. Joni has several in the works as well and I'll be sure to add pics of all of them once they're completed. Below are some pics of my new Red, white and blue ryv I call The Patriot and also the Orange Flame I made for my wife Deb.



Here are some pics of some custom built Ryv 1.5 +'s that were accomplished through a team effort by some Central NY kite fliers. Not sure of the exact size but some modifications were made and all parts were purchased through Rev. Joni, Debbie, Dean, Chris and Dee are the creators of these fine works! Great job guys and gals!

Joni's Custom Ryv


Below is Debbie's Custom Ryv


Below is Chris's Custom Ryv


Below is Dee's Custom Ryv