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My name is Rich and I'm originally from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania where I graduated from G.A.R. Memorial High School and Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School, majoring in Residential Construction.  I'm a U.S. Air Force Retired Persian Gulf Veteran and Telecommunications Cable Installation Journeyman/Technician and have been in the career field for 21 years and now reside in Upstate Central New York. 

Joining the USAF shortly after graduation I received my technical training at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls Texas and was first assigned to the 2153rd Communications Squadron at Malmstrom AFB located in Great Falls Montana, in the land of the Big Sky, a.k.a. God's country! I was reassigned to the 1836th Engineering Installation Group in Wiesbaden Germany where I spent 7.5 years installing communications projects throughout Europe. During this assignment I had the opportunity to install, splice, and terminate copper cable ranging from 6 pair-3,600 pair and install single, multi-mode, and hybrid fiber optics cable, ranging from 2-144 strands. I also learned to splice these cables using both the fusion and mechanical splicing methods, and terminated both crimp and polish type connectors to include SMA, ST, SC, and FC connectors. Upon closure of Lindsey AS in Germany I was reassigned to the 485th Engineering Installation Group located at the former Griffiss AFB in Rome New York where I served as a Telecommunications Team Chief installing communications projects throughout the mid-eastern US. During this time I was deployed to Saudi Arabia where I served for 100 days as an engineer and flight superintendent engineering and managing projects in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. I was transferred to the Rome Laboratories when Griffiss closed in 1995. I retired as the Telecommunications Wire Chief for the Air Force Research Laboratory in Apr 1999. 

After retiring I accepted a position as a Tele-Data Journeyman/Technician for Merit Electric located in Syracuse NY through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 43. During this time I've had the pleasure of working for the state at the new SUNY Sports Med building installing, splicing and terminating the fiber using the Siecor X77 fusion splicer and Siecor Unicam St and angled FC connectors. After 1 year of working for Merit Electric I was layed off and unable to collect unemployment insurance. 

This must have been an omen when I stumbled upon Telergy's web site and found a job listed there almost matching word for word from my resume'. I was hired as a Fiber Optic Splicing Technician and the rest is history. I've began working for them in the beginning of May 2k and loved it there. They were an up and coming telecommunications company and great to work for and to the surprise of all employed there they soon joined the other telco's in a downward spiral in the of 2k2. I was laid off along with about 380 folks at the end of September 2k. The company has since filed Chapter 7 and was purchased by Con Edison and Dominion. While there I gained a lot of experience doing single and mass fusion splicing of fiber optics cable using Sumitomo fusion splicing machines. I refined my use of OTDR's and EXFO Maxtester test equipment and got to experience splicing of fiber cables up to 864 strands and got to splice both ribbon and ribbonized cables and became proficient at doing ring cuts on working fiber cables and rolling working fibers to minimize and prevent service disruption to existing and working circuits. I was also part of overbuilding the fiber optic backbone from Syracuse Ny towards Rochester, replacing the existing 96 fiber cable with a 288 fiber cable and performed the in service transfer of service to the new cable with no service disruptions experience by any of the Telergy customers. The other splicers there were great to work with and were highly competent, and rank in my books as the most competent and motivated bunch of folks I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and Telergy is no more!

I've since taken employment through a temp agency and working for General Dynamics-Network Services working at military bases around the world installing telecommunications projects. Pretty much the exact same job I had while in the military, installing fiber optics and copper telecommunications cabling and working with some of my old retired military friends and co-workers I've worked with while in the service. The down side is traveling a lot but I'm employed and the company so far is great to work for. I'm currently trying to get out of the trenches and manholes and going to check out the engineering side of Outside Plant Cabling. April 2k starts my first job in training as an OSP engineer, more to follow! 

Well my employment has come full circle now and I'm back to work for the IBEW Local 43 in Syracuse NY. I'm currently a crossover trainee and enrolled in training program to become a Journeyman Electrician and currently holding an IJ5 skill level. If all goes well with OJT and classroom training my goal is to become a certified Journeyman Electrician. My first test comes up 11/11/02 and hope to achieve a high score! Will post updates as the classroom training progresses. Currently I'm working in Cooperstown NY for Matco Electric and doing a lot of conduit bending and installing electrical boxes and cabling. OJT is progressing well, a bit of a long drive from home but well worth the training! Stay tuned!

It's now March 04 and the saga continues with my employment. I'm currently laid off from Matco Electric but progressing well with the academic portion of my training. I was laid off from Matco in mid February and now kicking back on unemployment getting stuff done at home. One more year to go with the academics and with OJT I should make Journeyman electrician by summer of 05. 

The employment saga continues and I'm back to work, May 04, and I'm back to work for Merit Electric, which is now O'Connell Electric doing Tele-Data work. I'm currently working nights in Syracuse working in several schools. Hopefully I'll be employed until the new year.

My interests include flying Sport Kites, snowboarding, kite snowskiing, kite snowboarding, fishing, hunting, restoring my 1984 Hurst/Olds and music. I especially enjoy fishing for King and Coho Salmon in the Salmon River located in the Salmon Capital of the East, Pulaski New York. There is also fantastic Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing in this tributary of the Great Lake, Lake Ontario. My favorite bands include are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, The Cure, Limp Bizkit and many others. I was graced with the pleasure of seeing the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band back in 1977 when they played at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. J. Geils opened followed by Lynyrd Skynyrd and then Peter Frampton who was the headliner during the Frampton Comes Alive tour. Skynyrd stole the show and still ranks as one of, if not the best concert I have ever attended. I have also seen the new Skynyrd in Frankfurt Germany in 1992, Watertown New York 1992 and then in Syracuse New York in 1998. They are great and I highly recommend seeing them if given the chance. I hated Metallica and all speed metal bands until seeing Metallica at the Monsters of Rock concert at Mainz-Finthen Army base in Germany back in 1994. The Black Crows opened, followed by Queensryche, Motley Crue, Metallica and AC/DC were the headliners. A fantastic show. By Metallica's third song I was hooked and purchased every album available on CD the next day. I have also been put through a Hanson concert with my daughter which I have included on this page also for her and I must admit for a couple of kids they put on a great show for their fans and if they stick with it, who knows!!!!

That's about it for the boring stuff for now so kick back explore and hope you enjoy my site and feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think or give some tips or ask for information. Enjoy!