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On 9/21/01 I received my first master piece from Peter Betancourt. Below are pics of my new prized possession which Peter completed for me on 9/18/01. Peter and Ellen took some pics of the kite construction in progress. The pics do this kite no justice, it's simply AWESOME! For more information about Peter's kites and ordering info go to this link. Peter's kites are in the elite goup of kites and are truly works of art. So if you're ready to have your wildest fantasy transformed into ripstop reality you need to check out Peter's site. His kites are truly art that flies in the majesty of the wind. Order you dream kite and prepare to Master the Wind!

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Below is another kite by Peter which was auctioned at his site for $325. Another work of art which was called the Friendly Fool.

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Another auction kite, "Mustang Sally" by Peter

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There's another kite for sale at Peter's site. Check it out! Another awesome work of art inspired by The Lord of the Rings, it's Sting and it's Scabbard! This gorgeous work of art can be yours for $350! Visit Peter's site for more info and to purchase this one of a kind masterpiece!

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Peter's custom Rev built for Kevin of LHSO14B!